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When Should I Consider a Website Redesign?

There’s no doubt that a website is a window into your business, having a website which doesn’t represent your organisation can cause a mismatch in your operations vs. your public perception which is bad for your bottom line, so, when should you consider a website redesign?

This blog post will outline a few key factors which might indicate that your website is due to be refreshed or completely redeveloped from scratch.

Your website is over 5 years old, outdated and doesn’t represent your business

If your current website was designed and developed over 5 years ago, there’s a few things which you should think about which might influence your decision to redesign. The questions you should ask yourself are:

  • When was the last time you updated photos or text content on the website?
  • When was the last time your website had backend or code maintenance and updates?
  • Does your website depict your business as it stands today?
  • Are you proud to direct prospects to your website and is it something you perceive as good for sales?
  • Are you proud of your website?

If your answer to any of these questions is over 5 years or No, you should consider a website redesign.

You’ve rebranded

If your business has gone through a rebranding process but it has still not be reflected on your website, you need to redesign as soon as possible to leverage the benefits of your new brand and avoid confusion amongst your audience. In most cases, it’s not as simple as replacing your logo on the site and considering the job done, you need to update colours, design patters, imagery, messaging and more. Your website goes hand in hand with your brand as it’s what represents you publicly, it’s absolutely vital that you remain consistent in your branding so that you’re depicted as professional amongst visitors.

Your using outdated software & plugins

Having a website which is outdated and hasn’t had any coding maintenance services performed in the last few years might indicate it’s time to completely redesign and develop so that you can utilise modern technologies and keep your website secure.  While in most cases websites don’t offer a serious security threat to your organisation (unless we’re talking about eCommerce websites in which the risk is much higher), in some cases having a website attacked by malware injections or similar can pose a serious threat to your businesses credibility and trust worthiness. Image if a promising prospect visits your website and is redirected to a malicious website? It’s not the best look. Depending on your email infrastructure, if you’re hosting webmail (which we strongly suggest against), you could have the potential to have your emails hacked which has huge business implications.

You’re not getting any valuable results from your marketing campaigns

When it comes to digital marketing, your website or landing page is one of the most primary tools that drive conversions. Regardless of how optimised your campaign, adtext and strategies are, if you’re driving traffic to a lacklustre, outdated and poorly designed page, you’re damaging your conversion potential. Modern websites include eye catching and interesting call to actions, great imagery, unique and brand enforcing design, intriguing content and easy navigation. It’s important that you continually improve and upgrade your website and landing page to avoid wasting money on advertising. If you’re running digital marketing campaigns such as Google Ads and LinkedIn, or strategies such as SEO, consider how modern and marketing focused your website is as a primary concern.

No matter how old your website is, the team at Designpluz would love to discuss with you our opinion of your current setup and possibilities for enhancements or redesigns. It’s our passion to strategize and implement digital solutions for our customers which drive engagement and business perception, not only through websites, but through our suite of services which offer a holistic approach to digital processes and marketing. Contact us today via our online form or on 02 9829 9881 to get started.

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