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Custom Software Development Company Sydney

Business Efficiency & Automation Through Cloud Native Software Development

Leveraging a team of specialised software developers in Sydney who are experienced in delivering end-to-end projects (within stipulated time frames), Designpluz has the development potential to build both small & large enterprise applications. Working in close partnership with our clients, we build powerful, flexible and scalable bespoke software solutions that deliver brilliant business results, driving strong Return-On-Investment.

Helping businesses run more efficiently through bespoke software development

Our in-house, Full Stack application development team is specialised in building complex, robust SaaS products, tailored to your specific business requirements and engineered to grow alongside your business.

Our extensive framework and code base libraries ensure our projects are completed faster and more cost effectively when compared to other software development agencies in Sydney. You can trust that our experience, expertise and genuine desire to deliver an outstanding product will result in a highly usable software application – within budget.

Designpluz utilise an Agile software development methodology which means we can be flexible about scope and build requirements as the project progresses.

If you are looking for custom software development in Sydney or Australia then Designpluz will be the perfect choice for you.

We are specialised in

  • Web Application Design & Development
  • API & Systems Integrations
  • Mobile App Development
  • Legacy Systems Upgrade
  • Workflow Digitalisation
  • Data Warehouse and BI Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions (Azure)
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • DevOps
  • Agile

Key Technologies

Frontend (UI/UX)

Frontend (UI/UX)


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Data & Reporting

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Mobile Apps

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Cloud & DevOps

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Custom Software Development Sydney

Streamline your workflow, increase productivity, reduce costs, establish business processes and generate leads.

Let’s chat about how we can improve procedures in your organization and help achieve amazing results!

Our Approach

We are a straightforward, seasoned and motivated team of professionals dedicated to improving your business via the development of business driven software solutions.

Comprehension, Workshopping & Consultation

We hold our understanding of your project with the utmost importance, not only so we can deliver your vision, but so we can provide you with our suggestions in an effort to achieve the best results for your organisation. We hold a number of meetings, from initial consultation through to half-day workshopping and user interface demonstrations. We believe that the best outcomes are achieved through a collaborative relationship where the pain points we seek to resolve are understood and supreme.

AGILE Driven Development & Client Delivery

We deliver our projects following an AGILE project management approach, ensuring smooth, sectioned delivery of project features which are easier to test and deploy into a UAT environment. “UAT” stands for User Acceptance Testing and it’s a hosting environment used for client testing and approval. Once live, we maintain our UAT servers for future enhancements that can be tested away from public view. We perform feature demonstrations to our clients before providing them with the details to test in their own time. We iterate through different software features, doing demos and taking client feedback, before completion and final testing.

Enterprise-Level Coding, Structural Design, and Cloud Ecosystem

We leverage modern, market leading and enterprise grade technologies for our software projects, not just because we’re experts at leveraging these technologies and getting the best from them but also because they’re used by some of the largest companies in the world (such as Microsoft and Google). Our primary technologies include C# .NET, Angular, SQL and we develop these in a microservices architecture supported by cloud PaaS services in Azure.

Predeveloped Services For Faster (And Cheaper) Development

The team at Designpluz have been developing software for many years and thus have different software components pre-built and ready for use in your application. These are standard and very commonly used software services which we’ve tested time and time again to improve their optimisation and reliability, including things such as sending an email or SMS, creating user roles and data hierarchies, authentication & authorization and more. This allows us to develop your application quicker and for less, while providing robust functionality.

Communication Is Key

You will work with a dedicated project manager from the outset who will be your primary point of contact throughout the project duration and thereafter. Our project managers have the technical know-how to provide you with valuable information when required, as well as make important suggestions if necessary.

We endeavour to attend to our emails within 1 business day and are always happy to jump into a last minute online meeting for a catchup.

Design And Development

We mock-up every user interface (UI/UX) design in advance, prior to development, allowing our clients to pre-visualize their software and voice feedback. When the building step kicks off, clients, upon inspecting their UAT platform, are met with an identical user interface that is now operational and available online. This approach minimises any backtracking in development and keeps the client informed throughout their project’s lifecycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What technologies do you use for custom software development?

Designpluz specialises in developing custom software using a wide range of technologies based on the project requirements, although, as Microsoft Certified developers, we primarily use C# .NET as our backend framework and Angular as our frontend framework. We’ve been using these technologies for years and continually train our team for the newest versions to keep up with innovation. Our custom software projects leverage enterprise grade software languages to achieve cloud-native, robust, scalable software which performs exceptionally.

What is an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) & how much does it cost to develop?

An MVP is a software product which includes the minimum amount of features required to go live and start getting users. Building with an MVP mindset allows you to get to market faster and start gathering feedback, building for your users and quick iterating between development and release. MVPs range in development costs depending on features, please contact us for a consultation to discuss further.

What's a ball-park running / cloud server cost per month?

While this is a hard question to answer because of things such as users and software features, for an MVP the average monthly cloud, maintenance and running costs start from $2000 a month.

I’m not sure exactly how custom software can help my business, do you do consultations?

Yes, we hold business consultations where we discuss your current systems and processes and what might be available in the current market to help improve overall business performance and automation. If there’s nothing currently available, we begin discussing custom software development options and how we can help.

When should I consider custom software development?

Custom software can solve a very wide range of problems and improve overall business efficiency, automation and productivity, including boosting customer satisfaction. A good way to trigger your thoughts regarding business software is:

  • Do you have large, complex excel sheets which you use in your organisation?
  • Do you have administrative staff whose job primarily involves data entry?
  • Do you liaise with 3rd parties manually via their systems, emails etc.?
  • Do your clients submit paperwork to you physically?
  • Do you want to integrate internal systems with each other?

If you’re unsure, we’d suggest booking a consultation with us to discuss options for your business.

I want to start a software business, can your team work alongside my team?

Yes. We can liaise through our project managers with your team and work alongside them on projects as required. We often use a shared management software such as Azure DevOps or ClickUps.

What is AGILE software development?

AGILE Software Development is a methodology that emphasizes flexibility and customer satisfaction. Development is carried out in small, iterative cycles or ‘sprints’, with feedback from the customer taken into consideration after each cycle. This allows for adjustments to be made throughout the development process, rather than following a rigid plan from the start. It promotes collaboraative effort among cross-functional teams and encourages frequent communication and close, daily cooperation between business stakeholders and developers.

Is your team entirely in-house?

Yes. We have an in-house team based in Sydney (Australia) and Coimbatore (India). We work cohesively as a single team serving Australian clients and our senior team members have been working with us for over 10 years. We continually train our team on modern standards across all of our services.

How long does it take to develop a software product?

This is a hard question to answer, it depends entirely on the functionality and responsibilities of 3rd parties. Microknot has a pre-built library of microservices which we’ve developed and tested over many years. This allows us to focus on developing your business use case functionality rather than redeveloping basic components such as authentication, user management, sending emails, forgot password flows etc. It reduces your expenses and development timelines, how good!

I have an existing software which needs maintenance and upgrades, can you work on it?

Yes. Our team can investigate your current software and then confirm if we can work on it with our skillset. In almost all cases, it is possible for us to take over development of your software and implement updates, checks, features and more.

Do you develop mobile apps for IOS and Android?

Yes. We develop both cross platform and native IOS and Android apps. We start with UI/UX designs before giving you UAT versions of your app for testing through Android with an APK file and IOS with a TestFlight App.

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