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Six Proven Benifits of using Woocommerce As Your eCommerce Platform

The eCommerce space is one that is rapidly growing, both in overall digital market share but also in software options available to those looking to throw their hat into this metaphorical ring.

So why, out of the hundreds of eCommerce tools out there (dozens if you only consider the good ones), is 30% of all digital retail websites using WooCommerce? To put this into perspective, the eCommerce space is estimated to be worth over $5.55 trillion in 2022 (, 2022), and 30% of that incomprehensibly huge number travels through WooCommerce alone (, 2022), so there must be some benefit to using this platform over others – but what exactly are they?

WordPress x WooCommerce – A match made in heaven

Wordpress is the largest and most popular content management system (CMS) in the world, comprising 40% of all websites in existence. Creating a website with WordPress as the foundation allows for all the freedom in the world. This provides the ability to custom build the websites of your dreams, and luckily WooCommerce was purpose built to be able to fit into this flexible and powerful CMS.

WooCommerce costs nothing

Unlike many other eCommerce tools out there, WooCommerce is completely open source and therefore free to use. This means you can get your online store open without the stresses of ongoing fees and hidden costs to use the platform, leaving you more time to look after what’s important, running your business well.


Whether you’re looking to sell one product or thousands of products, WooCommerce has the ability to scale with the size of your business, meaning there’s never a worry about whether your product list or business size can outgrow the capabilities of the platform. Want to add another 6000 products, all with different sizes and pricing details at the drop of a hat? Consider it done. Need to keep track of your inventory that consists of over a 10000 products without leaving your computer? Even easier! WooCommerce also can be easily integrated with other softwares / CRM’s such as Xero, Myob, Australia Post, Sendle, and other SAAS products, meaning the opportunities for growth are nearly endless.

Sell Whatever You Want With WooCommerce

Whether you’re looking to sell a simple product, affiliate products, grouped products such as PC builds, downloadable products such as font packages, Subscription services, variable products (products that change price as sizes change), or virtual products such as a digital photo gallery, WooCommerce gives you the tools to be able to sell just about anything you want, however you want online. By applying the right marketing strategies with WooCommerce, you have the ability to exponentially increase your sales, no matter what you’re selling.

Powerful Product Management and Reporting

Is there ever such a thing as too much information? Well, when it’s presented as clean and simple as WooCommerce, no. WooCommerce tracks Inventory, customer downloads, analytic reports, stock level reminders, gross turnover, profit margins and much more, all while being able to display this information in a simple way, not hidden behind dozens of menus or lists. Want to be reminded whenever a certain product dips below a number of units? This can be set up as a reminder email to yourself.

Product Import and Export

Managing a stock list that’s hitting the hundreds or even thousands? WooCommerce has the ability to import and export product lists, costs and sales price in an Excel spreadsheet format, meaning it’s easy to be able to make mass changes across your entire catalog in a matter of minutes. If you need to make changes to your stock list and know you’ll be offline soon? Simply download your catalog as an Excel, make the changes you need and re-upload the updated list whenever you get a connection again.

The only real way of knowing which eCommerce platform can serve you best, is first understanding your own needs, but if you’re looking for a platform that can scale with your business, is cost effective, open platform and offers you more management and reporting tools than a hardware store, maybe WooCommerce is the choice for you.

The team at Designpluz has expertise in developing eCommerce websites using WooCommerce as a platform. From simple eCommerce to complex eCommerce, our team can handle everything from planning, UI/UX, Web Development, Testing, Launch & Ongoing Support.

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