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Partner with a leading boutique PPC Agency based in Sydney, dedicated to accelerating the growth of your business.

What Is Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing?

Pay Per Click Marketing or PPC, is a way for advertisers to buy users to visit their website and only get charged when their ad is clicked rather than simply just viewed. There are various forms of PPC marketing but the most common and popular by far are Google ads or various social media paid marketing campaigns such as Meta. Unlike SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), advertisers don’t need to compete for the top spots on search engine result pages by fine-tuning and tweaking their content but instead can bid for the top results of specific Keywords in Google or other search engines.

What Makes a Successful PPC Campaign?

At Designpluz, through years of experience and industry knowledge, we understand what makes a successful PPC campaign.

  1. Research: Spending time on researching potential keywords for your campaign is paramount, ensuring that your targeted keywords are getting a sufficient amount of search volume while not being too broad as to not attract unwarranted clicks and financial resource mismanagement.
  2. Ad Content: Having compelling copy in your ads is paramount in creating an attention-grabbing and relevant PPC marketing campaign.
  3. Optimisations: Continually monitoring and optimising your ad performance is paramount, whether that be checking daily on the search terms your ads appear in, or changing your bidding strategy to focus on different results such as conversions, clicks or visibility.
  4. Conversion Tracking: Setting up conversion tracking codes in the correct places is one of the most important steps to take. This allows you to gain a much better insight into the true performance of your PPC ads and provides real quantitative data pertaining to your marketing campaign.
  5. Landing Pages: Creating a seamless landing page to direct PPC traffic to is one of the best ways to help encourage action from your customers once an ad is clicked. Whether you want to your customers to make a purchase or submit an enquiry form, tailoring your landing page with these conversions in mind is one of the best ways to capitalise on your increased website traffic.

When partnering with a Sydney-based PPC agency such as Designpluz, not only can you expect targeted traffic, increased visibility, and measurable growth in your ad performance, but you gain an invaluable partner that wants to see your business grow as much as you do, offering marketing insights and campaign suggestions backed by years of industry experience.

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Priya and Shaun have been great since the first meeting! No complaints at all, would (and have) recommend them to anyone looking for Google or website services.
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