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WordPress Developers Sydney

Creative, Modern, Robust & Functional WordPress Websites

Utilise the powerful and proven WordPress framework with a custom designed, brand enforcing design by Designpluz. Encouraging our team of UI/UX designers to push the boundaries and experiment with creativity, we design and develop market leading wordpress websites that are brand consistent, visually appealing and functional.

Wordpress Website Developers in Sydney

WordPress Developer in Sydney, delivering Premium, Brand Enforcing, Custom Designed & Developed Websites.

Our team of WordPress developers are continually trained and inspired by modern design trends on the internet, pushing the boundaries and delivering remarkable outcomes. We design & develop our wordpress websites using pragmatic quality assurance checklists and modern development standards ensuring the final outcome is robust, functional and secure. Supporting our customers after launch, we also provide step-by-step guidance documentation which helps our clients manage their own site – Of which they maintain 100% ownership of.

Whether it be a static page website, an eCommerce website with thousands of products and amazing features, a Learning Management System (LMS) or a membership portal, WordPress has the capabilities to increase the digital presence and processes of your business.

Wireframes &
UI/UX Designs:

Wireframes & UI/UX Designs





Wordpress + Other 3rd Party Integrations

Endless Opportunities to Grow Your Business.

Wordpress has integration potential with various 3rd party softwares such as Active Campaign, Hubspot, Salesforce, Sage, SAP, Xero and many more.

Why Settle For A Template Website?

Benefits of WordPress Website

Looking to elevate your online presence? Discover the exceptional abilities of WordPress website design and development with Designpluz. Our expert team specialises in crafting high-quality, custom WordPress websites tailored towards your unique business needs. Here is why opting for a WordPress website can ignite your online success:

Easy-to-use CMS:

With WordPress, website management becomes a breeze. Our intuitive content management system (CMS) enables you to update, add and tweak content on your site effortlessly, even with minimal technical aptitude.

Responsive Website Design:

In the modern world, responsiveness is king. Our custom WordPress development ensures your website looks and functions flawlessly across all devices, delivering an amazing user experience every time.

SEO Friendly:

Gain a competitive edge through our WordPress websites optimised for search engines by our dedicated SEO team. Designpluz incorporates state-of-the-art SEO practices into every aspect of your website, boosting visibility and driving organic traffic to your digital doorstep.

100% Customisable:

Catch eyes with a striking WordPress website tailored to your brand identity. Our team of WordPress experts leverages the platform’s flexibility to breathe life into your vision, ensuring every aspect reflects your unique style and goals.

E-commerce Capabilities:

Ready to dive into online retail? Harness the power of WordPress for seamless e-commerce integration. From product showcases to secure payment gateways, our exclusive WordPress solutions manufactures a robust online store that drives sales.

Integration Options:

Connect with your favourite suite of tools and platforms effortlessly. Designpluz equips your WordPress website with seamless integration options, allowing you to streamline workflows, enhance functionality, and maximise productivity.

Lots of Design Options:

From sleek minimalism to bold creativity, the design possibilities are endless with WordPress. Our design experts work closely with you to make your visions a reality, ensuring every element expresses your brand’s personality and resonates with your audience.

Cost Effective:

Designpluz adopts competitive market pricing, ensuring efficient spending. We offer cost-effective WordPress solutions tailored to your budget, allowing you to enjoy premium design and functionality without compromise.

Unlock the full potential of your digital, online presence with Designpluz, your trusted partner for high-quality WordPress website design and development.

Why We’re Better

40+ In-house
Team Members

Designed First,
Developed Second
(No Templates)

Brand Focused
Premium Outcomes

Integrate With
3rd Party Systems

Post-live Support
and Digital Marketing

From Start-up to
Enterprise Level

Our Recent Projects

All the way from the quoting process to project completion DesignPluz has been reliable, responsive and deliver as promised.

I started working with Designpluz to modernise the MBM website from the ground up. What I experienced was nothing short of professionalism and timeliness from Shuan, Priya and the DesinPluz team. All the way from the quoting process to project completion DesignPluz has been reliable, responsive and deliver as promised. Besides being great people their attention to detail in everything they deliver is second to none and the love for what they do is clearly shown in their work. The result of this project has been a beautiful website which I am very happy with. I highly recommend working with them. Thank you to the entire team at DesignPluz!
Isaac - MBM

Custom Developed Integration Hubs

We utilise the skills of our custom software development team to create an independent, headless integration hub (software) which enriches the eCommerce environment, integrations and automation. It manages data transfer between our custom designed eCommerce websites and other 3rd parties which is represented in the diagram below. Our integration hubs have unlimited expansion capabilities which aid in continual business improvements into the future, as well as providing data to visualisation reporting software such as PowerBI.


WordPress powered 39.6% of the internet in 2021, growth of nearly 5% up from 2020

WordPress is the choice of millions of businesses across the world because of its easy to use backend interface and highly customizable functionality. Designpluz works primarily with WordPress as it is the choice for many of our customers – The primary difference between Designpluz and other WordPress Developers in Sydney is our unique eye for creating modern, brand empowering, unique and visually appealing custom website designs. All of our WordPress websites are custom designed and developed following our proven structuring and design process.

WordPress is a popular PHP CMS choice for many organisations around the world due to its simple interface and massive community. It is frequently updated and has a lot of functionality extensions through its plugin system, some free and some paid. These plugins can be searched and installed and include services such as: WooCommerce (eCommerce), MailChimp, Xero, Learning Management Systems, Social Networks, Membership systems, Online Payment Gateways, SEO tools, Backup tools, Page Builders, Live Chat bots and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes myself to my custom designed WordPress website?

Yes. We provide PDF guidance documents which instruct website admins on how to perform standard tasks such as adding images to a gallery, posting a blog, updating a pages text contents and more.

Do you offer ongoing website support and digital marketing services?

Yes. We provide support hour packages to our clients whereby they purchase a block of hours which are used for any website or graphic design tasks. We also offer digital marketing services such as SEO and Google Ads which help recently launched websites get in front of their target audience.

What is a custom WordPress website?

A custom WordPress website is a website built using the WordPress platform, but with a unique and personalized design and functionality. It is tailored to meet specific business requirements, brand guidelines and marketing goals, unlike pre-made templates or themes. Custom WordPress websites are designed and developed from scratch to provide a unique look, user experience and provide the client with full control over the design and features of the website.

Do you help with Template Based Websites?

It depends on the situation – 99% of the WordPress websites we do are 100% custom designed from the ground up. Custom WordPress websites allow us to utilise our creativity & expertise which feeds our passion. Please contact us to discuss further.

How much does Designpluz charge for a WordPress website?

At Designpluz, we appreciate that every project is unique, and pricing can vary based on factors such as complexity, features, and customization requirements. We offer transparent pricing tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you get the most return on investment. Contact us today for a personalised quote and let us bring your prospects to life within your budget.

Is WordPress the right choice for my business? Is it secure?

Absolutely! WordPress is a versatile platform trusted by millions of businesses worldwide, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. With robust security features, frequent updates, and dedicated community support, WordPress offers a safe and secure environment for your online presence. Designpluz specialises in creating custom WordPress solutions that align with your business goals while prioritising security and reliability. Partner with us to tap into the power of WordPress and be vigilant in taking your business to new heights of success.

Trust Designpluz, your premier custom WordPress development agency in Sydney, to elevate your digital, online presence with high-quality, SEO-friendly WordPress websites designed to exceed your expectations.

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