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Sell Your Products Online with WooCommerce Developers In Sydney

Leverage open-source, tested & highly customizable WordPress eCommerce plugin “WooCommerce” to sell and manage your products online.

Woocommerce Is Used By 7.4% Of All Websites Online

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used CMS platforms on the web, which is why it’s no surprise that WooCommerce (an online store plugin for WordPress) is among the top eCommerce platforms on the market. With its large number of built in functionalities which come ready to use “out of the box”, it’s easy for online sellers to implement amazing features on their websites.

These features include: online payment gateways such as Stripe and PayPal for selling physical and digital products, discount coupons, user accounts with purchase history, stock management, product variations such as colour, size, quantity, special offers/sales, product categories & tagging, easy importing and exporting of products and much more. WooCommerce doesn’t only have an extensive, built in set of features, but also a large community driven plugin system making it a super versatile option for online businesses.

Designpluz approach our eCommerce projects with a keen eye for unique and highly usable design, focusing on brand empowerment and ease-of-purchase for customers. Our proven design and development process ensures a custom and brand authentic design which establishes individualism and helps drive sales. We’ve continued to learn and develop our process to ensure the creative vision of our clients is realised and translated into a competitive eCommerce website.

WooCommerce websites are also a great option for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as they are built on top of WordPress which is optimised for SEO and has many great plugin options for optimising websites easily, such as Yoast.


What is a custom WooCommerce website?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin which enables many online eCommerce features, while it does have templates which can be used for the front-end design of the website, a custom design helps achieve an authentic look and individual feel.

Custom designs are tailored to the brand they represent and involve a more intense design process. Designpluz only delivers custom websites which involve client input and discussion, ensuring a unique outcome.

Why Should I Get a WooCommerce Website?

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform, not only that, it’s open source which means that businesses maintain 100% ownership over their site. Including many plugins and inbuilt features, WooCommerce makes it easy for online stores to implement powerful functionality and customizability.

My current website ranks well in Google (SEO), will a new website affect this ranking?

We follow a strict development process which ensures any SEO ranking from current websites is maintained (and often improved) when launching a new website. This involves deliberate HTML on-page optimisations and consistency with the existing site so that Google considers the newly launched site of equal or greater rank than the old one.

Can I make changes to WooCommerce myself?

Yes! One of the most desirable components of a WooCommerce website is it’s ease-of-use for website admins, allowing them to add, remove and update products and utilise existing features such as sales, coupons, stock management, payment gateway & marketing integrations and more.

Designpluz create purpose written guidance document which are tailored to each individual WooCommerce website and helps guide website admins to make changes to their own site.

How many products can I upload?

There is no minimum or maximum amount of products which can be uploaded into a WooCommerce website, although things such as server size should be considered for websites with lots of products.

Design is our passion, technology is our medium – Start/Revamp your online business today

Designpluz is ready to be your WooCommerce Developers in Sydney, offering genuine and insightful suggestions while delivering market leading digital solutions. Contact us today for a 30 minute consultation!

…from the ground up with stunning branding and design.

Priya and Shaun have helped our new business from the ground up with stunning branding and design. Would highly recommend as they will look after you every step of the way.
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