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Differentiating the brand in the crowded market, from other brands is also a crucial factor to be noted in the long run. How do you do it? – By aptly communicating the benefits and features of your brand to the market. A Logo is the key element here and all the brand communication begins from the face of the company, which happens to be your logo. A good logo is an integrator of a brand that empowers customer identification, unique differentiation and positive brand relationships.

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And research suggests that the effectiveness of a logo defines whether the brand excels or under-scores in the market. Now this is critical and demands a look through. On one side as we see brands sporting logos that clearly communicate what it stands for in a simple and sensible way, on the other side, we see brands messing up their logos in the name of aesthetic/appeal but missing the whole point of communicating their vision. In a need to attract customers, a brand cannot suffice the importance of a result-oriented design, which has to be timeless.

Of course, the types are many. Few sport only a name (like IBM or Samsung), few hold a visual that goes with the name (like Nike), and few rolls out just the visual element to speak it all (like Apple). Now the type of representation you would choose for your brand is completely subjective, and depends on how you want your brand to be positioned. Do you want to relate it to an element? Do you want the name to be the recall element? Do you want to convey your philosophy in the logo? So many questions drop in before you select a mode of design.

Now considering all the above factors discussed, it is obvious that logo design is not a single element, but a combination of the brand’s values, vision, mission and aspirations. It takes serious craftsmanship and acumen to design the best logo for your brand rather than rushing it through the pipeline. It takes more than a person but a partnership to tag with you, understand your needs and deliver just what your brand needs to make it to the top. Designpluz from Sydney, offers you that integral partnership, with the expert team of designers who make sure your logo stands out to make that striking first impression in the minds of the customers. With years of experience in varied industries, our business driven approach is our strength that we extend to you.

For logo designs that reflect success, Designpluz is your destination to reach.

Our Recent Logo Projects

  • Thanks to Designpluz for assisting with our promotional designs. Creative designs and easy to communicate.

    Thanks to Priya and team!
    Victoria Louis

    Victoria Louis
  • Priya & designpluz were a joy to work with! Their designs were top notch and Priya kept us informed every step of the way.
    William Thai

    William Thai
  • Priya and her Team at Designpluz were a nice surprise.

    In my case Priya took my design brief and came back with not just one but 4 options, all good.

    The designs from Designpluz are individually made for each customer and I particularly liked her use of colour in her designs.

    Yes she does not work for nothing but you get what you pay for and good design is worth it.

    I certainly recommend Priya and her Team to any sized Business from SME to Major Multinationals looking for good high end Corporate Design services.
    Chris AndersonUnited Financial Services.

    Chris Anderson
  • Thank you Designpluz for creating our beautiful website. You did such a great job, your customer service was exceptional and your price was reasonable.

    We would definitely recommend Designpluz to anyone looking for an attractive website!
    Alltime Tea

    Alltime Tea
  • Creative designing services with intelligent user interface which met my requirements. I will always recommend Designpluz to others.
    Surya Dhanapal

    Surya Dhanapal
  • Priya was wonderful to work with! During the process, we asked for several different variations of our logo and products and Priya was very patient in working with us until we found the designs that worked best for our business.She is very professional, easy to work with and very responsive.

    I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for design services
    Matthew Bonomo

    Matthew Bonomo

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