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Biode provides biometric identification solutions to the correctional and retail sectors of Australia. Their products include facial, iris and fingerprint identification methods, protecting people, access and assets. Designpluz was tasked with refreshing their existing Biode logo, bringing it up to modern standards & providing unified marketing collateral. We developed two new logos for their products and brought them to life with brand consistent web design.

What we did

Unique, consistent & figurative – The DoorKeeper and Tetanu logos act as pillars supporting the Biode brand – brought to life through an informative and marketing focused website.

SBreathing life into an established company, Designpluz worked to create a unique logo for their products while also refreshing their existing Biode brand.

Focusing on the audiences they aim to target, the DoorKeeper and Tetanu brands represent the same product but are demonstrated in different ways, namely for appealing to correctional centres vs. retail shops.

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quick response, great design.

Matthew Wolf - Wolfmed