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VISTrak provides a site management solution for businesses in multiple industries, including retail, construction & aged care.

What we did

VisTrak is a mobile application with an admin portal designed to help different businesses.

Manage their visitors as well as request forms be filled out during different stages of their visit, ensuring visitors follow business protocols and procedures and have up-to-date licenses & accreditations. Available for a number of different industries such as Retail, Construction, Aged Care, Facility Management and Hospitality, VisTrak offers its clients an easier way to manage visitors.

It’s features include:

  • Visitor Check-in, Check-out, time in attendance.
  • Visitor eForm Submissions, onboarding and document upload.
  • Business Reporting, insights and live dashboards
  • Emergency Evacuation notifications
  • Geofenced Auto Checkout
  • IOS and Android mobile application support
  • Site Specific forms & notifications
  • User messaging, remote monitoring, safety & license accreditation checks
  • Vendor Onboarding
  • 10,000 Active Users Per Day

Admins can create locations for check-in and use a drag-and-drop form builder to generate their eforms – assigning them to different spots in the visitor check-in flow, such as before and after checking in. Valuable reporting, such as users on-site and time in attendance, allows admins to have a clear view of visitors to their different locations and a rich data history for past visits and form entries; it’s an essential tool for businesses in 2022 and has plans for functionality extensions in future.

Supporting daily users upward of 8000 a day, the software is hosted in Microsoft Azure and receives constant updates. Microknot provides a full-time development team that develop, test, support & deploy versions of the admin portal and mobile app regularly (fortnightly) which ensures quick action on any bugs which arise.

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