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Logo Design Sydney

Creative Logo & Brand Design

Thoughtful and unique design which establishes authenticity and rememberability.

A business logo (brand identity) is like its face, representing its core values and being propagated through the business world and target market.

That’s why it’s vital your logo depicts your business as a trust worthy competitor in its field and leverages modern design techniques to ensure maximum rememberability and distinctiveness.

Logo Design Sydney
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Designpluz delivers enterprise level brand design in Sydney with a focus on readability, useability, individuality & growth.

We push our team of experienced brand designers to strategically develop brands (including logos, marketing collaterals, brand guides, graphic design and more) that embody the organisations they represent, instilling a sense of pride and symbolism.

We approach every logo design, whether that be a logo refresh or completely new design, with the intention of building our portfolio and leaving our clients with a deep sense of satisfaction and excitement. We discuss, plan, experiment & reiterate our process until we submit concepts to our clients which we love – our process is a collaborative effort between both parties which in turn yields the best outcomes.

We have the capabilities and know how to establish professional and modern logo designs and brand identities for our clients. Brand design encapsulates more than just logo design, it’s a suite of materials which work together to establish the full picture of the business and maintain its brands integrity. That’s why we design marketing collateral such as email signatures, business cards and letterheads, as well as social media designs, car wraps, clothing & brochures.

We’d love to discuss the opportunities for Designpluz to work with your organisation for logo design in Sydney, please contact us or give us a call on 02 9829 9881.

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We are a trusted logo design agency in Sydney with authentic, genuine reviews and relationships with our clients.

Are you looking for the best branding and design agency that you can rely on, with a holistic approach to your brand, marketing and business processes? Let’s chat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a brand identity (logo design) important for my business?

Brand identity is what differentiates your business from the competition. It allows you to establish public core values which customers and consumers can connect to, attribute to your brand and by extension your products or services. It acts as the personified face of the company.

What is the process for designing a logo?

All logo’s and by extension brand identities start off with a workshop, where we meet with you to discuss your needs, wants, company values and goals for not only the brand but the business as a whole. We then move into an initial concept phase where we start with rough designs to see what works and what doesn’t, all the while working with you to gather feedback. Once a concept is honed in on, we then move forward to perfecting it until it is ready for presentation. This process is repeated as many times as necessary until the desired concepts have been delivered.

Can you design a logo that reflects my brand values and personality?

Yes absolutely! This is the whole point of logo design, to capture and communicate the values and messaging of your brand in a visual way that is easily understood by your customers.

What if I'm not satisfied with the logo design?

Logo design can be a subjective topic and the likes and dislikes of our clients are always taken into account. A final handover does not occur until we have delivered a brand and logo you feel as though it captures your business.

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