Single page websites have been around for some years now – they are not a new trend. They have a very limited purpose, and are useful when you want to focus on a particular product or service for which you don’t have a great deal of content. It is also useful as a landing page for a PPC ad. However, such a website is not suitable to be your online entity as it has several inherent disadvantages. Here are some reasons why you should avoid single page websites:

Not user friendly

A single page website means you will have to scroll… a lot. Not everyone likes to keep scrolling to get to where they want. We agree that a certain amount of scrolling is essential so that your user stays engaged on the page; however, a poor design that calls for an inordinate amount of scrolling can easily annoy the user. A website MUST be user friendly, and if it is not, they may well go to another site; one that is user friendly, and does not make them scroll endlessly

On-page SEO will suffer

By On-page SEO we mean the SEO best practices that we apply to individual pages of your site. These include optimizing with titles, meta tags, header tags, and anchor text to link between pages that are all keyword rich, as well as organizing your content using robust semantics, and with information hierarchy. Now while this works perfectly when you’re creating a single page site for a single product or service, when you have even 3 or 4 products or services, you will have content with different headlines. Now that can get a tad confusing for the search engine when its bots crawl your page; there could be a mismatch between your title and content or heading tags. Title tag and meta description are very important, and are displayed on the SERPs. Now you have to create the title and description with limited characters; so you’re not going to be able to optimize your site for all the topics. When you don’t optimize your page and its contents effectively, you’re going to score very low on SEO, and search engines won’t rank your site high.

A single page website warrants only one page in search engine indexes

Search engines index every page in your website – allowing several opportunities for your site to be displayed in the SERPs. But when your entire site is just one page, that’s the only page that’s going to be indexed by search engine bots; compare this to other sites with multiple pages – they are going to have many pages indexed, and increase their chances of getting found in user searches. So, a single page site can seriously damage your chances of high ranking in searches.

Longer load time

When you’ve packed your one page with loads of content, images, and perhaps a video or so, trust me, it’s going to take its own sweet time loading. Patience runs this among netizens – nobody has the time or inclination to wait around and twiddle thumbs while your site loads. They will simply close the tab and look for another site.

Sharing specific content may not be easy

Having a quality content is crucial for any website. With too much content on multiple topics on a single page and the same URL, visitors are going to have a tough time sharing bits of info from your site – because every visitor will land on your site the same way. There is no separate landing page – your site is the landing page, the home page, and the product page.

Difficult to identify the engagement points

Usually to measure the effectiveness of your website, your analytics will be able to shed light on what has worked and what has not by looking at the traffic to the different URLs and so on. But when there is just one URL for the entire website, the analytics will not be able to tell you which section on that page is attracting visitors – meaning, what content is being sought by visitors. So even if there is something that’s not working, you may not be able to identify that and fix it.

Your website is your online shop – where your potential customers come to have a look. Just like you would keep your brick and mortar store spruced up to attract customers, you need to have your website that looks attractive and is easy for visitors to navigate so they can find what they need easily. Only a professionally designed custom website can do that for you.

If you’re ready to get a custom website for your business, just give us a call and we’ll do the rest.