While working hard to create an identity and image for your company “Re-Branding” is very important. At some point in the history of the company there will be changes in its identity and ideas. The process of changing the brand, also known as rebranding is very important, because it allows the company to evolve according to the changes on the marketplace and the feedback received from the consumers.

Re-branding is something that any company should think of doing at least each 5-10 years. There are numerous reasons behind these, but the main ones are the marketing shifts, the technological advancements and other similar ones.

There are multiple companies that have successfully used re-branding as the means to connect in a better manner with the audience. A great example is Nike, which has changed its logo and brand identity numerous times during its existence, until it has reached the ones it has today, but we are confident changes won’t stop. You see, re-branding is very important and shifting with the trends on the market is a necessity most of the time. Similar situations can be encountered in the case of Coke, Ebay, PayPal and a multitude of other companies that had to undergo re-branding in order to further connect with the customers and express their ideals.

Re-branding is comprised out of one or multiple things from the following list: a new brand name, a new identity in the form of a slogan, trademark or tagline, or a change in the brand profile.

Why is re-branding so important?

One of the main reasons is that this shows your audience you are continually evolving and it helps them gain more trust in both you and your products / services. This process is also very important because it is allows you company to look at its best. Presentation is everything on the market, and because of that you have to make sure that your company always has a fresh, modern look, something which can be achieve with ease through rebranding.

This process is a part of a company’s life and history, so it needs to be treated carefully, as even the slightest change in the direction and branding of a company can make a major difference in regards to the way the company is perceived by its audience.

When rebranding your company, you need to focus on a few important things. First of all, you need to make sure that you study the target audience and their wishes, and then make the changes according to their expectations. Moreover, you need to study the competition and come up with something unique, appealing, as this is the best way to get the attention of more customers. Before you re-brand, you need to ensure that you study the market and see the necessities that it has, a good way to do that is through the means of a survey.

Going through the re-branding process can be a very demanding thing for any company. Still, with enough commitment any company can obtain some incredible results through this process alone.

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