Imagine standing in front of an array of stores selling the same product. What would possibly be the factor that will attract you to choose one of them? Obviously the store’s front! How it looks on the outside will serve as the differentiating factor to invite you inside. That’s how a homepage works for a website too. Informative site or an e-commerce site, a well-designed homepage will turn heads. Here are five factors that attribute to ‘why homepage is a critical part of your website?’

Sets a lasting first impression:

First impressions are everything. Yes, you heard it right. You get only that fraction of the time to convince a user to step inside your website and browse further. A well-designed homepage creates a lasting impression on the visitor’s mind and triggers the impulse reaction to engage. If the homepage is not designed and constructed properly, chances are high that the user might go away. There are no second chances in this competitive online world.

Establishes brand communication:

Now once a customer has come closer to a shop, doesn’t guarantee he might enter in. The onus is on the details he sees up close that will make him decide to enter in. Similarly, in your website, every single element communicates your brand to the customer and buys his interest. A well-designed home page is hence an effective tool for brand communication. The basic elements like logo, design, content and interface play a vital role in setting up the brand language, which is more like a blueprint for the flow of the web page inside.

Creates credibility and brand authority:

A good home page earns the credibility of the customers by constantly communicating the essential elements in a clean and precise manner. There are many points of contact like live chats, shopping buttons, etc. that either engages the users or directly converts into customers. When consistency is adhered to, on the long run, your brand attains good credibility and hence builds its authority.

Boosts the SEO ranking:

The first thing that Google will scroll on your website is your home page content. It is important that your home page is constantly updated with smart and sensible content rather than redundant or repetitive ones. Thus an effective home page greatly contributes to the growth of your business by enabling you to reach better SEO rankings, which ultimately leads to more customers and more revenues.


So that’s how a well-designed home page aids to the success of your website. These are few of the critical factors that are to be taken into consideration when building a website. There are other factors like the UI/UX, business driven content and so on. At Designpluz, a creative branding and digital marketing firm based in Sydney, we have years of experience in creating awesome websites that don’t just look good but work to deliver results more importantly. Our services include branding, web design, web development, EDM’s, SEO, ad words, print & graphic design, marketing collaterals and anything that your brand needs. Reach out to us for a free consultation on 02 9894 2729. Visit to view our previous works.