WordPress – The change maker:

Website in the earlier days was a rare accomplishment and only firms with planned investment and talent could do it. But things have changed a lot today. One could set up a website over night with almost no knowledge about the technical parts of it. WordPress for sure has changed the game!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an online, open source tool which is non-geek speak type, probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system in existence today. Over 22% of the websites in the world today are WordPress sites. Let us check out the reasons why the world loves WordPress so much, especially the Australian people.

1. Quick and easy to install and use:

Cricket or Computer- Aussies love it swift and fast. Most hosting companies use a third party to manage different applications in the control panel. With WordPress, its all so easy with plug and play theme options to decide and install.

2. Massive choice of themes:

Australians love choices, especially when it comes to matching the websites to their taste. There are currently 2600+ WordPress themes and 31,000+ plugins available for free. One can easily pick the ones they love and get along with it. As simple as that!

3. Fantastic functionality supporting different media:

WordPress website is used by millions everyday and new users keep rushing into WordPress everyday. You don’t need to be a programmer or know any php coding to adjust your WordPress installation, everything you need to do can be done via the dashboard. Create/Embed posts, pages, image galleries, audio, and video and so on. They’re all supported.

4. Extendibility with thousands of plug ins:

Aussies love it when given options to choose from, the power to customize and play it around the way you like every time. One of the reasons why WordPress is such an ideal choice is because there is so much to choose from, every day. There are nearly 8,000 plugins available that you can install to enhance the usability and functionality of WordPress. Photography or E-commerce or Writing or Travel- there is theme for almost everything you think of. The themes come with friendly control panel options that allow us to customize the colors, logos, backgrounds, icons and so on I the website on our own so easily.

5. Automatic updating:

With the kind of busy routine Aussies have, it is not only about being updated but also doing it saving time. WordPress notifies you when the upgrades become available and then suggest that you upgrade immediately by clicking the upgrade button. There is no need to strenuously keep track of the new updates happening around as it all comes at your dashboard as notifications. You just have to click it and you are done!

6. SEO friendly:

Everybody loves to be acknowledged. Aussies are no exceptions and this trait extends to their love for WordPress as it comes with such a friendly SEO (Search Engine Optimization) structure. WordPress is written using standard compliance high quality code and produces semantic mark up which makes your site very attractive to search engines. Get found, easily!

7. Safe & Secure:

Aussies consider Safety and Security important. WordPress is created by keeping in mind this factor of safety, but still there are always intruders who tend to break walls and enter your sites. IT is hence wise always to keep a back up of your WordPress content as you regularly update your versions forward. WordPress is gaining in popularity by the day and is the platform of choice for many high profile establishments such as the American Government, the CIA, the FBI and so on. That’s speaks how safe it is then.

No wonder why the lovely Australian’s love WordPress Websites so much. So easy it is to get started with WordPress sites and with professional help we can do wonders by working on it smartly. At Designpluz – Digital Agency, we have the right set of Professionals to set your WordPress Website up and delight you with wonderful results that promote your business to the next level. Designpluz also offers Logo design, SEO & Graphic Design services in Sydney, Australia. Reach to us for any queries and to discuss about your marketing requirements.

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