Face is the index of the mind. Logo is the index of your brand. In the competitive scenario today where plenty of brands survive and emerge everyday, the rate of remembrance and the degree of success depend a lot on the logo that your brand sports. It is important to understand the important elements that make a logo – successful and effective, before arriving at one.

Get the basics right:

Before even getting to design your logo, it is important that you are through with the basics of an effective logo design. A successful logo design’s nature will be:

  1. Simple
  2. Memorable
  3. Timeless
  4. Versatile
  5. Appropriate

Process is the Key:

Derive your design from a process as follows:

  1. Understand the problem statement
  2. Research the area of the brand
  3. Brainstorm the solution with varied people
  4. Draw out a design chart explaining the brand personality
  5. Start with drawing on a paper before getting digital

With a focused act on each of this step, the logo is all set to get going.

Start with the elements:

The vital elements of an effective logo are:

  1. Symbol
  2. Font
  3. Color
  4. . Shape

Options have to be worked out considering every element as a separate entity.
Now lets take one element at a time.

Smart symbols are a must:

Symbols define a logo. Let it be a letter that you play around or a tree that you mend to your wish, it is important that you align it with the brand’s personality. It has to be simple, understandable and reflecting the values of the product/brand/company as a whole.

Flawless fonts win the game:

When it comes to font, as you type it down, make sure you:

  1. Make it simple and readable
  2. Avoid gimmicky fonts
  3. Match your brand mood
  4. Tone the size perfect
  5. Keep in track with the trend

Colors controls the mood:

Colors play a major role in the customer’s memory/vision of a logo. Every color denotes a different meaning.

Red: Energy and Excitement.
Blue: Intelligence and Efficiency.
Yellow: Optimism and Creativity.
Green: Freshness and Harmony.
Pink: Love and Feminity.
Orange: Fun and Passion.
Violet: Vision and Authenticity.
Black: Strong and Substantial.

Choosing the right tone to represent your brand makes a lot of difference.

Shape matters:

If you look at memorable logos, they all resemble a particular shape in the background in their flow. Particular logo shapes send out particular messages:

  • Circles, ovals and ellipses project a positive emotional message.
  • Straight edged logo shapes such as triangles and squares propose stability in more realistic terms and can also be used to denote balance.
  • Our subconscious mind relatesvertical lines with manhood, strength and force, while horizontal linesrelate community, tranquility and calm.

All the above factors come together and the ultimate result is a successful and effective logo. Now all you need is a partner to execute it in style. When it comes to Logo design that creates an impact and last long, Designpluz digital & creative agency, based out of Sydney, is an ideal choice. With its team of highly professional creative designers well versed in all tools and techniques, your job is half done when you start an association with us. Reach to us, let us talk and make an impact with a logo that makes the difference. Visit www.designpluz.com.au to know more about us.

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