The year 2016 sounds cool for all good reasons to watch out for. When it comes to website – the digital face of a brand and its business, the expectations are aplenty. From the earliest period it all started as basic as well as static HTML pages, today there are more latest information that is presented on a website. There is user interface, user experience, design language, brand vision and more that is eye catchy piece of design usage. So what are the website design trends in 2016 that you simply can’t ignore? Let’s see a few here.

Super responsive and website Cross Browser Compatible web design:

From Smartphones to desktops, the modern devices are many where the website takes its scroll easily. We have been seeing exclusive web designs being made for each one of them, but the latest advances we need to point out is responsive yet cross browser supportable one. So that, a smart auto detection script will do the entire trick and the website would optimize itself automatically according to the device it is opened in.

Cool and Catchy Cinema graphs to Drive Inspiration:

How would you like your photographs to move a little on your website? Yes, you heard it right. Moving photographs! Say if your product is a bottle of wine, how about the product image showing the bubbles fizz up &running upwards in the open bottle. In short, part of the image would be static and a chosen part will stay dynamic. Interesting, isn’t it? The name is Cinema graph and it is ruling the market already. Check out FLIXEL to know more about this.

Full-blown slick Video Backgrounds:

Photographic presentation is cool, but to achieve it a lot of sweat has to be invested. A cool alternative comes in the form of video backgrounds. Imagine your home page with your logo in the foreground and a video playing in its background. Now that’s possible. Check out dadaabstories for a view of this.

Magical parallax scrolling – Scroll Magic Effect:

No big deal, if you have Scroll Magic.Adding a parallax effect to your website is just a matter of assigning different movement speeds for the layers. If you remember the old Nintendo games, you will find the foreground and background moving at different paces when you move through. It kind of gives a mystical experience to the users and it is taking on the websites now too. Check out sweez, it is kind of cool.

Minimalist and innovative design language:

Minimalism is going to rule the websites ahead, with more space for the user to enjoy on screen. With the content cluttered everywhere, it is going to be a choosy design language that will set the bars up in 2016. Illustrations are going to find a big place too rather than the usual image based websites. Some interesting fonts and doodles are racing up the levels too.

With such cool and hot website trends that are adding up to your website in 2016, it is the need of the hour for you to stay in line with it. At Designpluz, we totally understand your need for an integral partner to make your website look ‘all-new’. With our team of experienced and imaginative web designers, we take pleasure in offering the best creative and digital marketing services in Sydney. Our approach begins from catching your need and coining the best possible solutions to fulfill it.

Looking for Web Design Sydney? Let’s make your website that makes headlines. Give us a call on 02 8872 4440 and we are all ears to hear you out. Visit our website to know more about us.

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