It may be your product or service or a mix of both, regardless of your business’s type, success roots from two things:

  1. Setting the goals intact
  2. Sketching a strategy to reach it

When it comes to online business success, backlinks are very much important & it is the backbone of your business. It is important to understand its significance and use them wise.

What are these back links all about?

In search engine optimization (SEO) terminology, a backlink is a hyperlink that contacts from a Web page, back to your own Web page or Website. Also it is called an Inbound Link (IBL) these links are important in determining the popularity (or importance) of your Website. A successful backlink strategy will catalyze your SEO campaign and draw a consistent stream of traffic to your website. Speaking in simple language, its basic form, SEO can be broken down into two components – “On Page” and “Off-Page.” On-Page SEO is plain and simple. It allows search engines to recognize what your website is about to display to the right audience, at the right time. Off-Page SEO determines the order in which search engines show websites. Now this is not on a direct note as it is the vitality of the links that determines the ranking status. This is where back link strategies play their part. Backlinks are quality links from other sites that direct the audience journey to your site. Link building is a process of creating links from other websites, that worth all the time and effort. As it helps in better results on the long run. The right backlink approach can swiftly drive your E-commerce business.

Significance of backlinks:

Before you establish links to your site, it is important to comprehend the effectiveness of backlinks. A “follow link” directs a message to search engines that it accepts and validates your site. Follow links deliver the best results and boost higher search engine ranking. On the other hand, “No follow links” result in acknowledgment of your site, but they are not assuring for you. These no follow links – correlated with social media, blog remarks and forum links – are good for visibility, but they do not aid in the search engine rank.

The significance of backlinks goes way beyond follow and no follow, anyways. Links from renowned or reliable sites like BBC or MSN will carry more weight than a new personal blogger, who has only been on the act for a few years. Several other factors effect link value such as; attaining links from unique domains rather than the previously linked ones, links holding keyword rich text possess more value than something like “follow this link,” and pages with multiple dozens of links will enable less value/click.

With all such significance, it might sound lucrative to buy such links from a website that promises such a service, right?
But hold on – DO NOT BUY BACKLNKS! The search engines are smart enough to identify the ones that are trying to manipulate them and may even penalize or blacklist you as a consequence. It is always advisable to gain real traffic from real sites.

Attract traffic – Attract revenue:

This is just the starter, but yes a very important appetizer to get to taste the success in business through backlinks. There is much more that goes into this, which we can explore in the blogs ahead. Meanwhile, it is wise to appreciate the fact that, with the right goals set and a strategy supporting it, online business can flourish with the results that backlinks can effect with. It takes an experienced support to implement this in your business. At Designpluz – a creative design & digital marketing agency based out of Sydney, we assure you the best of the SEO that your business deserves to become that attracts traffic and makes revenue.

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