You start a business, and you take all the measures to build a website for it, great. People start reaching you through the website, awesome. But over the period of time, the very same website that had been a crowd-puller till then slowly starts to slog in its actions and the traffic gathered is no more the same as before. Clearly, it is time then to redesign your website and give it a new look. But you can’t wait for your business to go down and then figure the need for a redesign, can you? So here are few quick bites that might help you to diagnose the time for a make over to your website.

1. Is your website’s age greater than 5?

It’s a rapidly changing market today. Five years is a big time that would have seen the change of technology, trend, style, pattern and even customers. What

was awesome then would seem stale later. So it is not just about the functionality of the website that you should be worried about but the design trends are critically important too for effective customer engagement. So if the case is that you haven’t changed your website design in five years, then its high time for you to redesign and change with times.

2. New identity means new web design

Have you come up with a brand new logo? Have you changed your marketing materials/collaterals recently with new design patterns? Any significant change

in business identity warrants a redesign of your website to show the latest developments of your business in the right way. That way the customers get to be updated till date on the image and essence of your business.

3. Ranking is important, especially in search engine results

Previously, when people wanted something, they had their preferences in mind to log in and check it out online. But today, with choices aplenty and new brands and businesses popping up everyday, it gets pretty confusing for the user to search and sort his need. The search online results in pages and pages of results. To be featured in the first ten searches is all it matters to get noticed. And it is a combination of factors that make this happen. An outdated website naturally ranks low in the search results, alerting you for the time to redesign it.

4. No body likes a slow site, especially today

Too much data into your site might make it load slowly. And at times, the navigation gets so difficult that the user bounces away after a click or two. If the bounce ratio is high or the site is so obviously difficult to use, then without any delay its time to redesign your website.

5. New business requirements ask for a newer outlook

Requirements change over time. Especially in business, there are times at which you need to fetch an enquiry to send a quote or start a live conversation to clear a query and close a sale. To be updated with what the customer and the business requires, it is mandatory to take a quick look at your old site and cook it new.

6. Say bye to manual management of content

Content is the king and the more you update it in your site, the more it remains relevant to the customers. It is fine to approach your web development guy with content for updating. But what if you had the power and luxury to update whatever and whenever you wanted. If your website doesn’t allow you to do so, then it is high time you take a dig at the latest content management system by redesigning it.

7. Versatility is a key factor

Initially it was just the desktop. Then came the laptop. Today, the platforms are going crazy like palmtop, smart mobile and so on. Customers access your site from multiple platforms, and if your site is not compatible to any of the newer platforms, then you might lose the potential customers. It is high time to make it versatile by redesigning it.

8. Old is boring, make something new anyways

Out of all the reason, if you find the very look of your website too boring to glance at everyday, then it is even worse for the customers as they are exposed to so many sites and so many choices. Only a striking site will make them interested. To achieve this, it is wise to redesign your website.

Now that you know when to redesign your website, all you need is an ideal partner to execute it. Designpluz – the creative & digital marketing, web design agency based out of Sydney, has an experienced team to analyze, understand and redesign your website just the way it has to be to bring you more business and success.

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