You need not be an expert in brochure designing to differentiate between a good brochure and a bad brochure. That’s how obvious it is in the hands of a customer when he holds a brochure and flips through it. It is only a few seconds of attention that is available for the brochure to capture the viewer’s interest and convert it into a favorable action. Does it sound so easy? Well yes, it is if you understand the secrets behind a successful brochure design. Here are few quick ones to get started.

Purpose driven approach:

Firstly, you have to have a concise idea about what are you trying to achieve with the brochure, why do you want to do it and how are you going to accomplish it? It is important that you have all these questions answered in your mind before going any further. This clarity is crucial to a successful brochure design for any confusion in the purpose will eventually lead to more iterations in the process, consuming more time, effort and cost.

Creative and quality Images:

Visual appeal is very important to an effective brochure design and pictures form the crux of it. It is important that your brochure has the crisp and clear high-resolution images to portray the quality of the brand in the best way. No customer wants to see a pixelated picture on the cover or the inside.

Simple and effective design:

The design is not just about what you see but what you feel too. The world is crowded already and let not your brochure add more noise to it. Keep the texts simple, the pictures perfect and the flow smooth. As much as you talk about UI & UX online, it is important to apply the same principle in brochure design, to give the customer a hassle free experience. Smartly using the negative spaces to give the viewer a lot of breathing area that does the trick to having his/her interest convincingly in the first 5 seconds.

Compelling Content:

The content is everything. What you communicate to the customer is vital to a kickass brochure design. It is all about making the customer realize the benefit they receive from your product/service rather than trying to see yourself. For example, the statement “Matching teams and skills” is not bound to capture the customer’s interest as good as “Looking to catalyze your team’s performance with innate skills? We have just who can partner with you!” would do. It is critical to offer the benefits that the customer would receive ultimately rather than bragging about what you do or who you are.

Innovative size and shape:

The formal outlooks are out of fashion today. The printing industry has so much to offer to a creative mind that thinks out of the box when it comes to the size and shape of the brochure. How about a circular one or a quirky triangle? You can get choosy with what complements your brand. But then, make sure you don’t make it look too cheesy.

Quality printing material:

Touch and feel give the tangible experience right on to a customer. It is mandatory that you invest a good amount of time and money into the material that you are deciding on getting your brochure printed, and try out a few samples before you go for the bulk quantity.

With these essential pointers adhered to, one can ensure that his/her brochure is not only successful but also convincing on the long run too. At Designpluz, Web Design Sydney, we constantly challenge ourselves in bringing out innovative concepts that beat the competition in style. If you have a brochure or any marketing collateral to be designed, step in for a free consultation with us. Let us discuss on making one awesome design for your brand.

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