Branding is an essential part of a successful business. A robust brand goes way beyond its logo or name – it’s an array of relations that a customer has with a specific product/service. A solid brand identity establishes credibility, trust, and quality in the minds of the customer. The secrets behind successful branding are priceless, for it is the power of the brand that defines its success in the market. Let us take a look at few of the vital secrets to start with.

Create a strong brand identity:

Everything begins with an identity, and brands are no exception. The very first introduction of the brand to the customer is its identity. Logo or the name of the brand is often misunderstood to be the brand’s identity. But in the real case, it involves a lot of things like logo, colors, typography, photography, voice, tagline, marketing collaterals and more that bears the face of the brand. It is important that each of these elements is properly planned and created before anything else.

Tell your story:

It is important to define what the brand stands for. The logo, the name, the website, the design language and more that form the essence of branding is good to start with, but then, the real cut lies in coining the story loud out to the customers. Take any brand, like Nike for instance. Since the 70’s, Nike has been consistent in communicating what it stands for. The logo, the tag line, the campaigns, etc. have always been resonating the brand story that Nike holds. Over the time, the brand’s story is so strongly recognized that it’s success story to study upon, easily.

Establish a solid branding strategy:

Branding without a strategy is more like driving without a direction. Of course, you will be in motion, but that cannot be considered as a purposeful action. When it comes to successful branding, there are so many elements like design, marketing, brand audit, competitor research and more that needs individual attention. Holding all this together must be a single course of thought that forms the brand’s foundation, and leads to a strategy for the integration of all the elements. The mission and the vision of the company have to be clearly defined in the beginning, and the strategy framed must perfectly align with it to accomplish goals ultimately.

Embrace change:

We talked about the importance of brand identity, the brand story, and the branding strategy. Now we all know how fast the market is changing. Along with it, the customer needs, wants, and preferences are changing too. It is crucial that your branding is flexible in a way that allows space for change. Say if there is a trend that is taking the world in its wave, then your brand should not stay obsolete but incorporate the change and evolve.

The right partner:

Trying to do it all on your own will only dissipate the energy and result in loose ends. After having everything in place, you need someone who understands what it takes to brand your business successfully and present the product/service accordingly. And it is not a service provider we are talking about, but an integral partner who can join hands and be a part of the journey. It is important to coin this right partner at the earliest and build the brand together with the expertise they hold.

Designpluz based out of Sydney has been in the field of branding for a long time, and in its experience has seen the different type of trends rise. As a branding and digital marketing firm, its expertise lies in the team of professionals who are well versed in logo design, web design, web development, print & graphic design, SEO, marketing collaterals and more. Step in for a consultation, and figure out the innovative ways to make your brand last long and strong.

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