We have heard so much about branding that by now we precisely know what makes a brand on the outside world. But what about the inner emotions attached to it?

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another”

That’s how personal it gets when the layers of emotions are attached to branding. A brand is not just a set of defined protocols in the right place that you can control. It also involves a lot of intangible & unconscious elements that make up for the effectiveness of it. We are talking about the psychology of branding.

There are many ways of categorizing emotions attached to branding. A research suggests the following 5 interesting pick of brand personalities:

1. Sincerity
2. Excitement
3. Competence
4. Sophistication
5. Ruggedness
Now that’s an interesting list, isn’t it? It is self explanatory on its purpose. Now let us get down to some combinations that would interest us more.

Emotions and Marketing Mix:
Price, Product, Placement, Position, and Promotion: everything in the marketing mix is filled with emotion. Imagine the way you react to a slashed price or a buy-1-get-1 offer? It definitely kindles the customer to take steps and move further. But capturing the attention is not just going to add value to the brand or build the brand equity. The smart move is to make a marketing mix that perfectly balances itself and makes the product value to surpass the basic functional utility that it holds. This extra value enhances branding.

Emotions and Brand Loyalty:

Have you ever noticed your grandfather use a particular toothpaste brand and he maintains to do so year after year? Have you ever seen a group of friends setting a search for a particular brand of beer case for their weekend party & they travel as long as it takes to find the one they have in mind? In both cases, the candid thing to note is that when a product is so good and when we use it over a period of time, the ultimate experience we enjoy is satisfaction and we tend to become adhered to it. No matter what options we are given with, we will tend to go in search of our favorite option and stick to it. Now that’s brand loyalty, when the tendency to stay with the brand stays strong. This call to action is a result of a strong love for the brand that results from consistent quality which in turn instills an emotional barrier to brand switching.

Emotions and decision-making:

According totests conducted by the Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences,the decisions to acknowledge/accept/try a brand is made at least 7 seconds BEFORE we are consciously aware of it. We feel it in the unconscious part of the brain first, and then act to the stimulus. So that’s how deep the brand sends waves to our brain, from the mix of various elements like the logo, packaging, design, content, ingredients and so on.

There is so much more in to this science of branding, and so much more inside the psychology of it. To understand and execute the basics of it takes an experienced partner. Designpluz, a creative design & digital marketing firm based out of Sydney, with its team of innovative people specialized in logo design, web design, package design, print & graphic design and so on, understands the right mix of every element to bring out the perfect brand essence at the end that will tingle the senses of the customers. Please contact us on 02 8872 4440 to discuss. Please visit our website www.designpluz.com.au to view our creative portfolio.

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