In consumer world, we call it ‘Product packaging’ which plays an important role in the marketing mix, in promotion campaigns, as a pricing criterion, in defining the character of new products, as a setter of trends and as an instrument to create brand identity. At Designpluz-Sydney based creative agency, we not only understand the significance of product packaging, but make sure some special elements are considered without fail as follows:

  • Design, shape and color: These vital elements as a whole make a perfect product package, and it is mandatory to give individual importance to each of them. Designpluz specializes in this essential-focused designing when it comes to product packaging.
  • Functionality: It is not just the look but the Functional aspect which is the basis for all successful packaging. Product and aroma protection, hygiene and tightness, environmental responsibility and practical handling (in both use and storage) are crucial. At Designpluz, we make sure we deliver this aptly.
  • Material: What is printed on the product is important. Equally important is the material on which it is printed. In an eco-friendly era, it is vital to use materials are an environment friendly to support a better tomorrow. At Designpluz, we ensure a sensible product packaging.
  • Value Packaging: Package appeal is directly proportional to the value of the product inside. At Designpluz, we ensure the premium feel of your product is reflected in the package.
  • Additional benefits: A little more is always appreciated. At Designpluz, we package products in a way that the product package can be used further too with extended uses like carrying bags, gift wrappers and so on.

At Designpluz – Sydney based creative agency, we understand the importance of these essentials. So when it comes to the best product packaging services in Sydney and around, Designpluz is your destination to reach.