Search engine optimization is one of those things that always had a major importance when it comes to the way websites rank. Optimizing the site for search engines are more than a simple thing today, it’s basically a business filled with many of providers, whichclaim to bring you on the first page of any search engine.

However, is this mechanic still working nowadays? You will be surprised, but SEO still counts and it does have its fair share of important benefits. On the other hand though, there are multiple mechanics that were tied to SEO and which simply aren’t worth your attention and time any more.

One of those mechanics is keyword stuffing and hiding. This mechanic isn’t working any more, instead the search engines will actually bring you various penalties and a worse rating if you use it, so avoiding this mechanic is very important to say the least.

Another SEO mechanic that doesn’t work is buying mass directory links with the sole purpose of getting better ranking. Instead, such a mechanic brings only a negative impact towards your site, which is a bad thing to say the least.

In addition to these, other mechanics that aren’t bringing the expected results in SEO are the duplication of websites or domains with the idea of obtaining the same success, content spinning or adding duplicate content, as well as the simple idea of optimizing purely for better ranking.

A very important thing in regards to SEO is that it does work, but you need to implement it efficiently. Your website does need to have some relevance, it requires original content and you can optimize it to get a better ranking if you want, it all depends on what you add on the site.

Nowadays, SEO is comprised out of a variety of things that combine in order to help websites rank higher. First, it focuses on keywords that bring support for customer targeting, as well as link attraction, the optimization of internal links, SEO copywriting, on-page optimization and others. Optimizing for conversions and user engagement also works as well, and so does technical SEO, so there are numerous techniques that still work nowadays.
The efficiency of SEO mainly depends on the mechanics that are used to achieve a better ranking, but as long as you use one of the aforementioned ones, you are bound to get some extraordinary results, especially if you combine them properly.

In the end, the best thing about SEO is that it can still solve many issues with your website and still keeps its relevance in your field of work. Combine that with the improvements that it brings to the user experience and content quality, then you can clearly see why SEO is still a major player on the market, and implementing it is still necessary if you want to rank high in search engines!

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