WordPress is a great platform. In fact, what you are seeing now is WordPress live in action, bringing to you our page with multiple readers – swift and clear. This powerful platform has everything in place to get you rolling, but on the long run, one area to be cautious about is the WordPress site getting slower. Without the right measures taken, it might result in hassle for the frequent visitors and may even cause the loss of subscribers and customers. Now we would not want that, would we?

Why Site Speed Is Important

Let it be the first time visitor or a repeat visitor, when the user enters you’re your site, you have only few seconds to capture the interest and convert it into a desirable action which may be staying with the site longer or even in a purchase decision or enquiry. According to a report by the Microsoft Bing search team, a 2-second longer delay in page responsiveness reduced user satisfaction by 3.8%, increased lost revenue per user by 4.3%, and a reduced clicks by 4.3%.
Adding to the worry, Google has now added the site speed to the ranking algorithm. So your site’s speed too in a way is your SEO that works hard to get results on the top. Enough said, now let us see some smart ways to catalyze the speed.

How To Speed Up WordPress:

1. Start with a sensible host:
In the initial times it might look like a matter of few bucks saved with a smart bargain, and all might seem good for sometime. But then comes the nightmare – incredibly slow speed and frequent downtime knocks in, and hampers your site’s functionality. It is hence wise to begin with a good host rather than a remotely shared one. WP Engine host is the best recommended one in line. There are attractive plans to pick and choose from.

2. Run with a solid framework/theme
It might be surprising to hear but yes it is true that the default WP themes are the best to use for their light & speedy frameworks. They keep it plain and simple and hence the speed. Without a doubt, a solid framework is a must for quick page loads. So keep an eye for it.

3. Use an efficient caching plugin
WordPress plugins are apparently useful, but the best of them fall under the caching set, as they significantly improve page loads time. Guess that’s the best part? All of them on WP.org are free, simple and easy to use.

4. Smartly use a content delivery network (CDN)
It is very important that you appreciate the use of a content delivery network, as the entire top performing blogs use it up. Essentially, a CDN takes all your static files you have on your site and allows visitors to download them swiftly by serving the files on servers in close proximity.

5. Auto-optimize images
Imagine how slagging it can get if all the images you upload in your site are of high size. Luckily, a free plug-in like WP-SmushIt can come to your rescue to automatically optimize the file size of all the images that you upload. This is needed.

6. Optimize your homepage for quick loading
Now this is important for it is in the homepage that any user starts the journey with you.
Things that you do:
• Display excerpts instead of full posts
• Optimize the number of posts on the page (5-7 is a good number)
• Remove needless sharing widgets (you can include them in posts)
• Remove inactive plugins and widgets that you don’t use much
On the whole, a crisp and clean home page is what we are talking about here. You get the idea, right?

7. Optimize the WordPress database
Imagine the amount of data that your site keeps holding. In a matter of time, it can be a huge load as data keeps constantly flowing n and out. In a while, it is good to optimize the database of your site to enable speed. WP-Optimize plugin comes handy in this process.

8. Add Lazy Load to your images
Lazy Load is the process of having only the images visible in the visitor’s browser window to load first. As the user scrolls down, the subsequent images appear by. This not only speeds the site but also saves a lot of bandwidth for users don’t always scroll way down to the pages.

Now these are quick pointers to get started and there are a lot more techniques and treats to get your WordPress site run like a leopard. It takes experience and a imagination to bring on the right set of solutions to achieve this. At Designpluz – the creative agency based out of Sydney, we specialize in this aspect. Thanks to our team who make the design and digital marketing with the best optimization available to make your site successful in all aspects. Drop in to us to converse \ on this and beyond.

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