It gives you what you want, takes you to people who search for you, and ranks you in its list and much more: in this age of digital media, Google is like God. The first thing people do today when they want to buy something or know about something is not that they step out to a shop or enquire somebody but log on to Google and search for it. With multiple players being listed in the search results, it is important that your brand finds its place in the first page and in the best case- in the first 5 search results.

Freshness of your site:

When was the last time you updated your site? Does the copyright footer say ©2008? That’s a bad welcome for Google and it wont really add much of you into its database. Google loves to crawl new content on a regular basis. For this reason, it is always advisable to update your content in blog, Social Media platforms, website and other areas regularly so that Google feels happy and invited to be in touch with your site.

Richness in Content:

Richness and Freshness go hand in hand. To add fresh content regularly doesn’t mean you have to add content randomly. Your content has to be rich in terms of sense and substance and relate more to what you do in your business.

For eg: If you are an e-commerce portal selling customized t-shirts, articles about the ease and options of customized fashion would be a good topic to pen and upload rather than the benefits of e-commerce or something more superficial.

Keywords play a key role here. It is important that you choose the right set of keywords and play around with it organically rather than trying to over load it in the content.

The power of Urls:

A URL stands for uniform (or universal) resource locator. In simple terms it is the unique name of the web page address. Google loves webpages with urls that relate to the content on the site. For example: the url “men-tshirts- roundneck.html” in the search engine ranking for the search term “men round neck tshirts” will achieve much better ranking than a url like page2.html.

Speed makes sense:

There are hundreds of elements that Google considers when it scrolls you’re your site. One of them is speed. The navigation/loading of pages have to be swift and responsive, and that guarantees a better position for your ranking than other websites for the same search term in pace. So a fast loading site is loved whereas a slow loading site is given a cold shoulder by Google.

Quality links matter:

It is not just the content of your site that matters but also the content of the links placed in your site that matters too. For instance, a TIME’s magazine link will draw more attention than a less popular newly pressed blog. The more authentic and rich the content is in the redirected site, the more Google loves it.

Gets better with the Age:

Google, like your taste for wine, loves it better when your domain comes of age. Now this is a test of time and you cant really fake it any other way. The organic ranking of the site improves as your site domain comes through time. It will take its time, but it’s worth it.

So that’s what Google loves when it comes to SEO. Now for making this happen, you need a good SEO partner who has some proven records and experienced in the field of digital marketing. Designpluz digital and creative agency does it in style for you. Reach to us, let’s make Google fall in love with your site at its first search. Visit to know more about us.

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