“Well, it was good meeting you Mr.Mark. Thank you for your time. Hoping to do business with you soon. You have my business card. Call me once you are ready to move forward” said Peter, the Marketing Manager of a trading firm.

“Sure Peter. I shall quickly discuss internally and get back to you. It was great meeting you,” said Mark, the CEO of an Automobile company. Peter leaves the room. Mark takes up the visiting card given and takes a look. Now there are two things that Mark is bound to do:

Impression1 – The first thing that would strike his attention will be the company’s logo, for first few seconds.

Impression2 – Mark then would check out the website address, quickly log into it from his laptop and scrolls down for few minutes.
Whatever business you are into, very clearly, these two elements create the 1st follow up impressions of your company to a customer. It is important that they grab the attention, create the interest, induce the desire and attract action.


A good logo should be a vital combination of the following elements discussed below.

Keep it Simple: Keep it simple. For the degree of simplicity is directly proportional to the recall value in this crowded brand space.

How to keep it simple:

  • Use clear symbols, legible text and flexible shapes
  • Avoid complexity in the design
  • Make sure you keep the message in mind

Memorable: The logo being the first thing that one gets to notice, it is very important that you make your brand logo memorable.

How to make it memorable:

  • Maintaining color consistency
  • Unique & uncluttered design
  • Using it in every possible place and time

Appropriate: A great looking logo is of no use if it doesn’t represent its purpose.

How to make it memorable:

  • Either literally or figuratively, represent the vibe of your business nature
  • Use only relevant fonts and shapes that will reflect the brand’s essence
  • Be wise in choosing colors

Versatile: With the digital medium growing huge and the physical medium equally getting fast paced, your logo has to look good in all the places.

How to make it versatile:

  • Try not to use too much colors. Stick to minimal color tones
  • Don’t reply on color to achieve the final finishing effect
  • Avoid cluttering with details
  • Keep the size and shape proportionate

Unique: By saying unique, it is not about an abstract logo that looks different but an effective mix of all the vital elements that makes it distinct.

How to make it unique:

  • Avoid the cliché/old/over used style
  • Research a lot before getting to design one so there is no repetition in any level
  • Introducing elements that are easily recognizable

Timeless: A brand is forever. The logo has to be timeless hence, that stands tall beyond decades

How to make it timeless:

  • Make space for the logo to merge into the evolution of the company rather than getting to o specific
  • Try avoiding to be trendy for trends keep changing every year

Aesthetically sound: With all the research and process, a great logo has to be aesthetically sound.

How to be aesthetically sound?

  • Match the type face and the logo graphic
  • Stick to using less yet striking colors
  • Maintain visual balance
  • Make sure to pay keen attention to the details


A website has to be as simple as it can be, to get the customers glued. For an effective website to impress your clients, it has to have the following elements intact:

  1. Appealing appearance:

It all begins with how it looks.

  • Flat design templates
  • Good use of color
  • Text that is easily readable
  • Meaningful graphics that make it worthwhile
  • Quality photography
  • Simple in nature
  1. Catchy Content:
  • Content is the king. Make sure it does rule your site.
    Short and Sensible copy
  • Knowledge-oriented content
  • Right placement and alignment
  • Avoiding cliché content
  1. Sleekfunctionality:
    It is not only about how it looks but a lot about how it works too.
  • No broken segments
  • No empty links
  • Properly updated content and images
  • Error free copy
  1. Easy usability:

The User experience and the User interface go hand in hand.

  • Simple and well organized site
  • Fast-loading pages
  • Minimal scroll usage
  • Consistent layout in place
  • Powered with prominent, logical navigation
  • A well-planned site map with descriptive link text
  • Cross-platform/browser compatibility for versatility
  • Optimal Screen Resolution

We managed to keep the explanation on the website part real short for that’s how it actually has to be in real too. Having seen what an effective logo and website can do to your business, it is time for you to execute it with the perfect partner. As a boutique professional digital agency, Designpluz specializes in web design, SEO services, logo design, e-commerce platform sites, web applications, graphic design, brochure design, online marketing and much more. Our young and energetic team comes up with creative solutions that leave the best first impressions your business can ever have. So if you are looking for a creative partner, we are all ears to listen and set that striking brand identity your business deserves. If you would like to see our works, please log on into www.designpluz.com.au.

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