“Content is the reason search began in the first place” – Lee Odden.

That’s so true. If you are looking at the way things have evolved in the online marketing space, content is the front runner that has had the users hooked over multiple years. From the basic needs to luxury desires, content is the only pulling factor. It helps the targeted audience who get what they are searching for intentionally. Originality has become the order of the day when it comes to online content.

There are several benefits that one can get when using original content on the website. Let us look into a few significant points to start with.

Improved Credibility:

Original content credits more authority to the website. A website with original content not only bags higher rank in the search engine result page, but also maintains a credible image online. This credibility is very important for a customer who is bound to use a product/service only when he/she trusts it. The positive impression is very important for the customer to be an active user of the website rather than passing by.

‘Search engine favorite’status:

There are so many searching happens with search engine for the same thing at the same time. This is where the ranking of the web content based on the keyword searches helps. Gone are the days when one bombards the website in the backend with hidden contents multiple times, and looking to achieve a higher rank in the search. The search engines today crawl the unique content, kicking aside the redundant & repeated content found. So having fresh and original content will add more value undoubtedly and invite more customers to pin your website ‘favorite’ in their mindset. No more trickery!

Impactful inbound links:

Inbound links are greatly aiding in bringing traffic to your website. And with authentic content, more companies would want to link to your website. The practice of redundancy will only result in driving away people rather than getting them hooked. With genuine online content, quality inbound links can be scored that eventually brings more traffic to the website.

Enhanced Social Media Marketing:

The social media are full of opinions, offers, debates, and information’s today. What do you think is the one element that serves as the standout factor? “Surprise”. Yes, it is the surprise of an original content that clicks ultimately. The user wants to be informed before anyone gets to. With original and authoritative content, the website will harness more tracking and followers.

So whether it is an informative article on the blog or a product description in the menu, it takes an original content to win customers and traffic online. At Designpluz, we have a team of creative writers who specialize in this craft. As we are well known for Web design Sydney, with sound experience in web design, branding and digital marketing, our approach to content creation has always been business driven. Having worked closely with varied Industries over the years, we understand what it takes to be the king when it comes to content. Drop in for a consultation and we can discuss more on how to making your website get into the habit of hitching a hectic traffic.

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