It all begins with a logo they say. The success of your brand and business is greatly dependent on the face of your company, the logo, which stands over time to communicate the brand values to the outer world. And it is important to know, when to give it the needed make over and make it look welcoming to the world with increasing expectations everyday. Out of the many we could think of, here are 5 compelling reasons to redesign your logo right away.

1. Company grows in size and nature:

Now this is natural; and it is all for good. It all would’ve started in a garage or a small office, and now you have grown big and expanding large. What started, as a single product, would now be breathing on both the sides with newer products and services added in. Now many a times, the logo you had in the beginning would obviously reflect the earlier product line and business. In the case of the expansion, it is always advisable to come fresh with a redesigned logo. Dominos did this in style too. When they started serving sandwiches and other delicacies, they subtly removed the word pizza from their logo and went on as the cool ‘Domino’s’.

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2. Competition is going crazy:

With change being the only thing constant, today, competition is inevitable in every field. To be on par with the market and on the top of the competition, it is important that your business and brand stays top notch in all the aspects. And it starts from the logo. Take for instance, this Indian television that stayed monotonous for a long time then had to quickly revamp its logo to stay relevant to the competitors who were compelling in their design language.

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3. Target Audience takes a twist:

A new set of target audience implies a new logo by all means, because, what was so appealing to your earlier audience would not be enthralling to the new set of audience. Take KFC for instance. The earlier was so much for the KFC lovers who were ardent followers of KFC for its authenticity and history. The new generation crowd today is on the other lane where fast paced lifestyle is the routine, has a futuristic eye for taste, vibrancy and crispness in the design patterns. The redesigned logo vividly stands witness to it.

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4. Brand values evolve for good:

Every brand has a personality and it has to be reflected in the logo precisely. If your brand’s logo does not resonate to what you stand for, then it is high time to consider giving it a make over. Nivea did one such classic change over when it turned round reflecting its fluid nature rather than a solid stature.


5. Touch of technology needed:

To leverage technology is to leverage success. Logos are no exceptions. In the beginning, it would have been a simple DIY tool that you used to cook a logo for your company. But with all the advancements in technology today, redesigning your logo can be fun than ever. Take a look at how Jack in the box used technology to bring about a perspective to their logo. It clearly stands out of the box on the outlook.

Jack in the Box Logo Design

With this being the case, it is pretty obvious that we really need to be agile when it comes to our logo’s make over. And you can’t figure out all on your own, can you? Designpluz – a creative digital marketing, web design agency based out of Sydney, has just the right set of people whom you might find interesting to interact with and arrive at innovative solutions for your strong>logo redesigning thought. End of the day, it is always good to seek help, especially when it comes to the face of your company. Take care of your logo; take care of your business.

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